Marble Renewal™ is the global leader in stone restoration and preservation industry. Marble Renewal™ restores the natural beauty of your stone.

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About us

Marble Renewal has serviced thousands of clients in the Sydney area. Our clients include residential, commercial, hotels, casinos, banks, corporate offices, shopping centres, schools and churches.

Marble Renewal™ will have a positive impact and enhance the value of your property. Our restoration and preservation technology gives stone new life with an overall physical appearance that is often better than its condition at installation.

Marble Renewal™ technicians are fully trained and insured, offering the best and most professional service possible. Our team will provide a prompt free onsite expert evaluation of your various options to restore and care for your stone. Free on-site demonstration can be arranged to show you the results that can be achieved (Conditions Apply). Customer education and satisfaction is an important part of the unexcelled service Marble Renewal™ offers. Marble Renewal™ is professionally versed in Problem Solving, Demonstrations, Grout Types, Troubleshooting, Efflorescence, Repair Work, Lippage Removal, Re-grouting, Protection and Restoration.

Marble Renewal™ uses a combination of advanced technology, specially formulated products and quality assurance techniques that can save up to 75% of the replacement cost of your stone. Our process will restore your stone to a clean, properly finished surface without the use of detrimental topical coatings such as harmful waxes, sealers or acids.

Benefits of a Marble Renewal™ restoration include cost efficient recovery of your original investment, elimination of incorrect maintenance procedures which damage your stone, and a maintenance program that works.

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